Saturday, April 7, 2007

from city to Farm

After nearly two years of searching for a home for us and our alpacas, we found Our Farm in the gentle hills just south of Eugene, Oregon. It is a 'return to the neighborhood' for my husband, who was born in nearby Oakridge, and a reflection of my east Texas roots (same annual rainfall as Tyler!). Our serendipity list of 'the perfect place' evolved and now we are on the next leg of our journey: the transition phase of selling our house while simultaneously getting the farm ready with fencing and barn set-up.

Thank goodness for the Internet! Networking within the alpaca community and my spinners guild, we have discovered new friends here who offer welcome recommendations and information. People are friendly and helpful, so I feel both supported and capable as we move into rural life from technology jobs. It is a big change for us, but one that we have longed for and planned for.

So I sit here typing on my laptop, gazing out onto our pasture and the neighbor's pond (with Canada geese), envisioning our herd of 16 fuzzy creatures munching and frolicking. This morning's rain reminds me that the days will be different than we are accustomed to, for us as well as for our animals. Can hardly wait!

Tomorrow I will visit another nearby alpaca ranch where they are setting up new fences, to learn where to buy materials, how to set the posts and gates, and savvy layout for good herd management. This all comprises our next steps before we can bring our animals here.

We have agisted for two years, and I will be quite excited to actually live at the same place as our animals. For me, going to alpaca shows has been like Camp Alpaca, enjoying them for days at a time. So I look forward to the daily routine and interactions, like a kid looks forward to summertime!

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