Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Next stop, Wonderland

My sister-in-law once suggested that we see the quirky, romantic, and sometimes plodding comedy, Next Stop Wonderland, because it reminded her of how Mike and I almost met on several occasions. Thankfully our paths did indeed coincide, and our lives combined. Now we live in this place that has turned into a winter wonderland, I am reminded of that title (refers to a Boston subway end-of-a-line stop).

As I type this, I'm gazing out at snow falling in the dusky daylight onto our pasture. Most of Sunday's 8 inches had melted today, but now it's being replenished. Like delighted children, Mike and I have been out tromping in white stuff for the last 3 days, investigating the strength of gutters and roofs on the out buildings, clearing sodden branches so they don't break, and just playing. This is the first time either of us have lived in this much snow!

Yesterday I made snow ice cream (milk, sugar, vanilla + fresh snow!), and on our outing we constructed snow creatures.

Of course that included a snow alpaca!

And took a walk up the [cleared] road to see the views from there.

At sunset, the sky was awash with pastel tints, even more colorful in contrast to the pristine landscape...

at home in Wonderland.

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