Saturday, March 1, 2008

tiptoeing through the...

Until our alpacas arrive next week, we're relishing the wildlife we see here "in the rurals." This week Mike spied a flock of wild turkeys perusing our yard and was able to get a few photos through the window.

And of course there's the huge flock of Canada geese (hundreds!!) that over-winters at our neighbor's pond. Sometimes they fly en masse to forage in our sprouting hay field. Onyx, our cat, is petrified of them, scurrying for cover the few times she's outside and hears their squawking. For all she knows, they're birds of prey.

When Mike and I trekked down to the hay field to look at the new gate, I saw not only goose footprints (1), but also deer tracks (2), and paw prints from [someone else's] cat (3). A new creature to us is the vole, a meadow mouse that makes running trails in the grass, from hole to hole (4). I've never actually seen one, but there sure are lots of holes! Kelly sticks her nose down them to investigate, but has not yet come up with one.

I've planted primroses by the new mailbox, mounted on an old plow that one of our workmen gave me. Deer munched the white ones, flowers only. The buds that were left have now bloomed, and they seem safe enough. So we bought more primroses and pansies yesterday, to line the walkway to the studio (red building in the background, attached to the garage).

We've layed in basic vet supplies to tend to the alpacas, and next week, hay arrives. Maybe we should put a banner and balloons out to welcome them! At least their arrival will be a real celebration for us two-leggeds, the culmination of dreaming and planning and transitioning for the past few years.

Now for the next adventure: shepherding our herd!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on getting your alpacas and I hope they enjoy their beautiful home. Keep us posted on how they are doing.

Chris - another alpaca owner