Friday, April 18, 2008

Boyz arrive

A few decades ago when I was in college, we'd yell "Man on the floor!" in the girls' dorm on the rare occasions when a male was carrying luggage up to a room. But when our two herdsires arrived, no one had to tell the other alpacas that they were there. The dams immediately ran over to the fence to greet them -- "Look, more of our kind!"

Due to bad weather across the Rockies and the resulting backtracking to take another route west, Galileo had been on the transport trailer for a week. Orion had a shorter tour, but both were glad to see open spaces, green grass, and girls.

The two males have similar temperaments and get along well. They engaged in one king-of-the-mountain fight, and I separated them for a time. Orion resorts to spitting at his buddy, but he was wearing more green stuff on his mouth than Galileo was on his fleece. Orion is younger and has some catching up to do in the dignity department.

The dams are all pregnant, so there's no interest there. We're expecting two births in May, and the boys will each have a date after that.

Summer (peeking at me through the office window) is Galileo's half sister, and I've wondered if she and Lace remember him. They are often together fence-side, as if to say hello to a former acquaintance from the same farm.

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