Monday, June 22, 2009

Triple Fudge Brownies

Cria #3 (of the June set) arrived last Thursday morning, another flawless birth in the field by Windancer on day 354 of gestation (first photo at 5 minutes old). And another dark brown cria with black points, this time a male.

Galileo is the sire, and this was obviously a great pairing!

Windancer was very patient as the other dams and yearling girls in the pasture came over to greet her baby.

This boy's fleece is curlier than I've ever seen on a newborn, even though Mike claims "you always say that!" We are still contemplating his name: Galileo's _________. Perhaps something astronomical and suitable to the human namesake. Herdsire Galileo already has sons named Aries, Cassini, and Callisto (moon of Jupiter that the astronomer discovered). Since we have other Galileo cria due in the fall, perhaps a theme of names from Star Trek...

Galileo's son with Aunt Summer and cousin Gitana.

Now there is a trio of dark chocolate brown babies dashing through the fields, and usually I can only tell which one is which by the mom it's next to. Perhaps I could get colorful ribbons to pair the sets: green, yellow, and purple. ~ Just kidding, I would never put a nametag on such young, adventuresome animals...

Rockford half-sisters and their moms


Cammer said...

I LOVE the video! It makes me just want to go and run around with them!

I was thinking Castor and Pollux for the new little guy and the cria coming later this year. However, while I like their story, and I think Castor is a good name, the name Pollux on its own is a bit unfortunate. Don't cha think?

Susan S. said...

They are precious! I LOVE the running would be fun to stand there and watch them for hours. I hope you have fun with your new ranch hand....Jacob! :)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful. Aragon Alpacas is a form of meditation, an extraordinary mixture of natural history and art.

I feel like I just strolled the meadow with you. It is a beautiful journey.

Terra Trevor said...


I'm not anonymous. I meant to leave my name. :-)


Ed said...

Congratulations on a healthy set!

Will be interesting to hear more about how well they do in all your plans for them.

Looks promising; already, they've been busy ... getting you out there with the camcorder. Good for them!
Hope all of you had a Happy Fourth!

Ted Pilger said...

I concur...let the adventuresome darlings have their nameless time in the sun. Glad they are healthy and happy. Hope you are as well.
Our daughter,Faith, was in a dance called Castor & Pollux. But I agree that Pollux by itself is a bit much.

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